corvallis, oregon

GKC July 18-19 2015
Celebrating a quarter century of innovation and creativity

Photo Safari

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What is a Photo Safari?
Well, its a scavenger hunt with photos!

How can you join the fun?
We are so glad you asked! While enjoying the festival, keep your camera ready and take pictures of the photo "targets' as you find them.

This part is really important.
You submit your photos to the safari by uploading them to Flickr.

Make sure all of your Safari photos are tagged "davincidays", "photosafari", and the special tag for the target. You can find the special tag for each target below.

Do you own a camera phone or smart phone?
If the answer is yes, perfect! Here are some tools and tips on uploading with your mobile device.

Targets To Collect:

How to join the Photo Safari

Get your photo with these items, people, or things and earn points!

Photo Safari Instructions
List of Photo Targets

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As the uploads pile up, you can use this link to view the whole mess of them all at once.

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Who is playing and who's ahead?

You only get the points once, but feel free to upload as many in a category as you want.

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Check the targets, leaderboard, and photos on the go:

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