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Every Tuesday in April, 6 - 8 pm, Hilton Garden Inn
Free Admission

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Science:  Tuesday, April 2

Echoes from the Deep: Exploring the oceans through acoustics

Presenter: David Mellinger, professor in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University

Dave Mellinger, oceanographer at Oregon State University, will present recordings from his research on whales and other marine mammals in the oceans. He specializes in the use of acoustic technologies to locate and identify animals for scientific and conservation purposes. The software and hardware he develops have been used on ocean gliders, robotic sailboats and pop-up sensors.

Technology:  Tuesday, April 9

Good Vibrations: The spider web harp

Presenters: Ross Hatton, Chet Udell, engineering professors at Oregon State University


Ross Hatton, Chet Udell, and Andrew Otto will discuss and demonstrate a musical instrument based on a spider web. A robot spider capable of localizing web vibrations grew out of studies in Hatton’s robotics lab of how real spiders detect the vibration of each strand in its web and use those motions to locate prey. Udell has been collaborating with Otto and Hatton to transform a giant web into a musical instrument. They will show how this synthesis of music and engineering has revealed fascinating insights into both the science of web vibration and advanced new musical performance.

Engineering:  Tuesday, April 16


Marine Energy: What, Where, Why, How and OSU

Presenter: Bryson Robertson, director of the Pacific Marine Energy Center and an assistant professor in the OSU College of Engineering


Bryson Robertson, Director of the Pacific Marine Energy Center at OSU, will give an overview of the current status of marine energy in the US and globally in the context of a rapidly changing electricity sector. He will focus on how marine energy can play a future role in generating carbon-free electricity, the suite of unique value propositions that marine energy brings, and how Oregon is uniquely placed as a leader in the marine energy sector.

Arts:  Tuesday, April 23


Water Stories: An artist’s journey

Presenter:  Shelley Jordon, a nationally known artist and professor in the OSU College of Liberal Arts


Shelley Jordon, professor of art, Oregon State University, will discuss her recent paintings and animations that encompass themes of water. They range from serious topics such as global warming and the migrant crisis, to personal stories and family histories. She will share her varied approaches to creating hand-painted stop-motion animations in which she re-contextualizes older paintings and layers hundreds of painted images on top of each other on one sheet of paper. 

Math:  Tuesday, April 30

Can Math Save Lives? The science of forecasting sneaker waves on the Oregon coast

Presenter: Tuba Özkan-Haller, professor in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences and the College of Engineering at OSU


Tuba Özkan-Haller, oceanographer and coastal engineer at Oregon State University, will discuss how she uses mathematics to understand waves, water circulation and other aspects of Oregon’s nearshore ocean. Her research is being applied to navigational planning, to the development and design of wave-energy conversion devices and to forecasting of hazards for beach-goers.

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