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2021 Race Results and Awards
Grand Champion - Goddess Bunny TGR
Oregon local - You're on Mute!
Out there - BBQuda
Top Time - Phoenix Rising
2nd Time - Eat, Drink & Be Fairy
Top Eng - You're on Mute!
2nd Eng - BBQuda
Top Art - Banana-gram!
2nd Art - Eat, Drink & Be Fairy
Top Pag - Banana-gram!
2nd Pag - Eat, Drink & Be Fairy

Racer Favorite - KCOW - Kinetic Cowbell Radio
Fans Favorite - ...and The Seagulls are Obnoxious
Wizards Choice - Poultry In Motion
Speeds choice - Mulligan's Island
Poo Bah Choice - Black Fish Galloping
King of Cluck - Chased by one Norwegian
Dan Monk fastest in the water - You're on Mute!
Hammy Award - KCOW - Kinetic Cowbell Radio
Cuddly Teddy Bear 42.17 - Teddy Bears Picnic
Best Song - Goddess Bunny TGR
Best of Lumenata - Phoenix Rising
Glorious Gumption - working Class Hero (Lightening McQueen)
Kinetic Comeback - Platypus Wrecks
Keep  Smiling - Little Red
PT Mediocrity - Teddy Bears Picnic

LEO Medallions, for pedaling the entire course [Total: 14] - Goddess Bunny TGR (2), You're on Mute! (4), Phoenix Rising (2), ...and The Seagulls are Obnoxious (2), Eat, Drink & Be Fairy (2), BBQuda (2)

Kinetic Komeback

The 29th da Vinci Days Graand Kinetic Challenge

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