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2022 Race Results and Awards
Grand Champion – Flour Power *Contains Nuts
Oregon local - Asgard Racing - Hela Glorious
Out there - Humpbacks of Notre Dame
Top Time - The Flying Spaghetti Monster!
2nd Time - Wingnuts
Top Eng – Cowbell Moosical Theater
2nd Eng - TGR Goddess Bunny
Top Art - Humpbacks of Notre Dame
2nd Art - TGR Goddess Bunny
Top Pag - TGR Goddess Bunny
2nd Pag - Humpbacks of Notre Dame
Judges Favorite – Flour Power *Contains Nuts
Racer Favorite - Asgard Racing - Hela Glorious
Fans Favorite – Flour Power *Contains Nuts
Megis Helping Hand – Ima-Jenn-Ation
Wizards Choice - Maxtivity’s Glory of the Skies
Poo Bah’s Choice – Punk Rocket
King of Cluck – Worlds Biggest Bitcoin
Hammy Award – Banana-gram!
Cuddly Teddy Bear - TGR Goddess Bunny
Best Use of Theme – Maxtivity’s Glory of the Skies
Best of Lumenata - Asgard Racing - Hela Glorious
Best Song - Humpbacks of Notre Dame
Road Runner – The Flying Spaghetti Monster!
Sand Blaster – The Flying Spaghetti Monster!
Mud Slinger - Wingnuts
Dan Monk fastest in the water – Flour Power *Contains Nuts
Best Bribe – Flour Power *Contains Nuts
Biggest Splash – Chased by One Norwegian
PT Mediocrity – Chicxulub

LEO Medallions, for pedaling the entire course [Total: 23] - TGR
Goddess Bunny (2), Banana-gram! (2), Worlds Biggest Bitcoin (1), Flour
Power *Contains Nuts (4), Wingnuts (2), Chased by One Norwegian (1),

Cowbell Moosical Theater (2), Asgard Racing - Hela Glorious (2), Ima-Jenn-
Ation (1), Hummpbacks (4), The Flying Spaghetti Monster! (2)

Looking Up

The 30th da Vinci Days Graand Kinetic Challenge

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